My Holiday In Portugal

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Ive decided to start a blog to share my holiday in Portugal. Where do i start? Well i guess i should start from the beginning and introduce myself to you guys. My name is Patricia, 30yrs of age, married and 2 children. Im portuguese and have been living in Adelaide since 1983. A few years ago my parents decided to return to Portugal permantely. So my husband and i made a decision to came to Portugal and see what the future would bring. I was able to do this as i toke 12 months leave off work. We were going to try and find jobs, enrol the children into school and see if we would stay permantely aswell. We arrived in lisbon on the 1st of december. it was a wonderful day, it had been 2.5yrs since i had seen my parents. They were also happy to see their grandchildren. The month of december was as if we were on holiday. We visited relatives, shopped till we dropped, ate out most days and visited many places. My husband is also portuguese but his from north of portugal from a village called St Tirso. We spend a few days with his family just before christmas.
The month of January we slowed down abit and started organising ourselves. After many attempts tring to enrol Claudia and Diogo into school, we finally did. But were then advised that we had to wait until September as now there were no vacancies. I was really shocked with that. Things are little different here, we can only enrol them in certain schools. For example, we live in a suburb called Sacavem, so we can only enrol them in this area. So we decided that only my husband would look for work and i would stay home with the children (we are staying with my parents). My husband had a few job interviews as a segurity guard but was unable to get a job. It was about mid of February when we decided that we are better off in Australia. So we booked our tickets to return to Australia and arrive there on the 21st of April. Since we made that decision in February, we have been real tourists. We dont know when we can came back again, so we have been making the most out of it.

I would like to share with you guys the places we have been to. Please feel free to comment, and I hope I will be able to show you what Portugal can offer as a holiday destination.


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