My Holiday In Portugal

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Cascais and Boca do Inverno (Hells Mouth)

On this day we visited Cascais and Boca do Inverno. The coast of lisbon consists of Estoril and Cascais. The first photo you will be able to see the Marina of Cascais. Many fisherman still go out fishing. On this day there were many washing their boats and fixing their nets. Cascais has 3 main beaches. Names Praia da Rainha(Queen), Praia da ConceiƧao and Praia da Ribeira. All names after Kings and Queens that once lived in Cascais. Attractions consists of many Museus, Town Hall, Fort of Cascais, many Churches, Casino and Boca do Inverno. The third photo i toke was actually in Boca do Inverno in english its Hells Mouth. There you have an amazing look out point of the coast and daily you will be able to find a small craft market.


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