My Holiday In Portugal

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Sesimbra and Cabo Espichel

On this day we visited Sesimbra and Cabo Espichel. Sesimbra has a small beach. It is visited by many tourists and visitors. Through out the whole year windsurf and surf is practiced. It still has a small fishing influence.

Cabo Espichel is located about 15 minutes away from Sesimbra. Its located right on the edge of the coast. The second most westernly point in europe. The hills are so high. It was very windy that day. I dear not go near the edge. I only toke two photos. One of them is of the Sanctuary, called Santuario da Nossa Senhora da Pedra Mua.


We caught a Tour Bus in Praça do Comerçio. It cost 14€ per adult in aussie dollar $22.00. The children didnt pay anything. The tour went for about 1.5 hours. Let me tell you, it was worth every cent. In this section i wanted to talk about Belem and the top 3 monuments you can visit.
* Torre de Belem
* Mosteiro de Jeronimos
* Torre dos Descobrimentos(discoveries)
Torre de Belem - was built in the years of its great discoveries. Our King Joao II needed to protect our defence and our land. He decided to built 3 fortress. One in Cascais, one in S. Sebastiao de Caparica and Torre de Belem in lisbon. Torre de Belem has had many functions, from customs control, telegraph station, lighthouse and political prison. In 1983 it was classified as a World Heritage Site.
Monsteiro de Jeronimos - This monastery was built in 1501. Here are the marble tombs of our king D Manuel I and his descentes.
Torre dos Descobrimentos - Monument of Descoveries was inaugurated in 1960, 500 yrs anniversay of death of Henry the Navigator. Craved on its stone are our great heroes like Vasco da Gama, the writer Camoes and many more. Inside you can use the elevator to reach the top and see the views of lisbon.

Cascais and Boca do Inverno (Hells Mouth)

On this day we visited Cascais and Boca do Inverno. The coast of lisbon consists of Estoril and Cascais. The first photo you will be able to see the Marina of Cascais. Many fisherman still go out fishing. On this day there were many washing their boats and fixing their nets. Cascais has 3 main beaches. Names Praia da Rainha(Queen), Praia da Conceiçao and Praia da Ribeira. All names after Kings and Queens that once lived in Cascais. Attractions consists of many Museus, Town Hall, Fort of Cascais, many Churches, Casino and Boca do Inverno. The third photo i toke was actually in Boca do Inverno in english its Hells Mouth. There you have an amazing look out point of the coast and daily you will be able to find a small craft market.


You can not came to Lisbon and miss the chance to visit Sintra. Sintra is full of history and culture. Set on a hill top. Here we visited the Castle of Sintra and also the Palace of Pena. Many narrow streets with souvenir shops, cafes, restaurants and `Fado` places. Fado is the traditional song of Portugal great names sang Fado like Amalia and Dulce Pontes. There are many parks to visit, gardens, castle ruins, horse-riding etc. Sintra is my all time favourite place to visit (i was born in sintra). Here you will be able to see many tourists, tour buses and many languages spoken.

Monday, March 27, 2006


This place is called Baixa. This is where you can find the typical hustle and bustle of the city life. You will be able to find many of Lisbons oldest traditional shops.

On this day, as you can see, it wasnt very busy at all. Its very easy to get around in Lisbon. You can find metro, buses, trams, trains and taxis. On one of these photos you can see the elevator. I think i paid 4€ euros return ticket. The elevator takes you all the way to the top. There are 3 levels, the top level consists of a restaurant. The views are magnificent. You can see the whole of Lisbon. From the castle on top of the hill to the view of the ocean. The elevator was full of tourists. All i could hear were foreign languages from german, italian, french and english. Sometimes it doenst even feel that im in Portugal. We start talking to other tourists in english and it feels amazing when they say good things about my country. I remember on this day we had lunch in a restaurant. Eatting out here is afford, i think its quiet cheap. On this day we had 4 mains, 4 drinks, 2 desserts, 2 coffees and we paid 29€. In aussie dollar about $47.00. !!! Pretty cheap i reckon.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Family

I would like to introduce my family. My husband Rui, Claudia (6) and Diogo (4) and of course myself.


Lisbon hosted an EXPO in 1998. The complex is called Vasco Da Gama (the greatest portuguese explorer). Its meant to replicar the shape of his ship. It contains Shopping centre, Cafes, Esplanades, Pavillions, Oceanario de Lisbon, Casino de Lisbon, Nightclubs and Pubs. It all runs along the River Tagus. As for transport you have it all there from Metro to Buses to Trains.
Hopefully from my pictures you will be able to see what im trying to explain.
Ive decided to start a blog to share my holiday in Portugal. Where do i start? Well i guess i should start from the beginning and introduce myself to you guys. My name is Patricia, 30yrs of age, married and 2 children. Im portuguese and have been living in Adelaide since 1983. A few years ago my parents decided to return to Portugal permantely. So my husband and i made a decision to came to Portugal and see what the future would bring. I was able to do this as i toke 12 months leave off work. We were going to try and find jobs, enrol the children into school and see if we would stay permantely aswell. We arrived in lisbon on the 1st of december. it was a wonderful day, it had been 2.5yrs since i had seen my parents. They were also happy to see their grandchildren. The month of december was as if we were on holiday. We visited relatives, shopped till we dropped, ate out most days and visited many places. My husband is also portuguese but his from north of portugal from a village called St Tirso. We spend a few days with his family just before christmas.
The month of January we slowed down abit and started organising ourselves. After many attempts tring to enrol Claudia and Diogo into school, we finally did. But were then advised that we had to wait until September as now there were no vacancies. I was really shocked with that. Things are little different here, we can only enrol them in certain schools. For example, we live in a suburb called Sacavem, so we can only enrol them in this area. So we decided that only my husband would look for work and i would stay home with the children (we are staying with my parents). My husband had a few job interviews as a segurity guard but was unable to get a job. It was about mid of February when we decided that we are better off in Australia. So we booked our tickets to return to Australia and arrive there on the 21st of April. Since we made that decision in February, we have been real tourists. We dont know when we can came back again, so we have been making the most out of it.

I would like to share with you guys the places we have been to. Please feel free to comment, and I hope I will be able to show you what Portugal can offer as a holiday destination.